Our focus on student attendance comes as a result of a few things:

  1. An analysis of CHS student attendance from this recent school year (data outlined below).
  2. The accountability we have to WA State to accurately report and maximize student attendance.
  3. Our responsibility, in partnership with students and families, in developing critical life skills that support student success beyond high school.

The Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) writes that every absence, excused or unexcused, is a learning opportunity lost and can have a significant impact on a student’s success in school and life. Students who miss 10% or more of their school days, which can mean just two days a month, for any reason, are considered chronically absent.

Chronically absent students are more likely to fall behind academically and less likely to graduate from high school on time.  The data below outlines Colville High School’s attendance (including both excused and unexcused absences) from the 2020-2021 school year based on an enrollment of 509 students.* Report based on 180 school days * 3 or more missed class periods in the same day constitutes an absence.

*Absences due to school activities do not count.

Attendance Zone Days Absent Percent of School Missed Percent of CHS Student Population
Green Zone 17 days or less 10% or less 91.9%
Yellow Zone 19-36 days absent 11-20% 5.8%
Red Zone 37 or more days absent 21% or more 2.3%


Our goal for the 2021-2022 school year is to increase the number of students in the green zone from 91.9% to 94%. To accomplish this, we will increase communication with families while also creating monthly and quarterly incentives for students to recognize their positive attendance habits.

As a result, you can expect monthly emails and quarterly letters from the High School with information about your student’s attendance. Those monthly emails and quarterly letters will identify your student as being in 1 of 3 attendance zones:

  • Green Zone Student has missed 10% or less of school days; both excused and unexcused
  • Yellow Zone Student has missed 11-20% of school days; both excused and unexcused
  • Red Zone Student has missed 21% or more of school days; both excused and unexcused

While we have an action plan for improving attendance, we also rely on you to support your student(s) in developing important habits such as setting alarms, understanding the amount of time they need to get ready, knowing how long it takes to get to school and returning to school from lunch on time. Additionally, we ask that you have conversations with your student(s) about prioritizing school and making the “right decisions”.  We are confident that a coordinated effort will not only improve your student’s attendance and academic progress but will also support the achievement of our school-wide goal that 94% of our students achieve Green Zone status.


Colville High School has an input group to gain parent and community perspective on Colville High School.  The first meeting will be Tuesday, September 28, 2021 from 5:00 to 6:00 pm in the high school library. At this first meeting we will be discussing the goals and mission of CHS.  The focus of this group is to provide positive input about possible changes at CHS. We will meet approximately four times this school year. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact the high school office at 684-7800 and leave your contact information with a school secretary.


At class meetings, held the second week of school, all students received a CHS Student/Parent Handbook to take home and share with their parent/guardian. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with the information in this handbook. If you need an additional copy, please stop by the high school office. You may also find both handbooks on our web page at


Northeast “A” League athletic directors are using a service provided by Arbiter for contest scheduling. Arbiter is the required web site for athletic scheduling statewide.  As a subscriber to you can be immediately notified of any change to any athletic or team schedule of your choosing.  ArbiterLive subscribers will receive notices through their smartphones of all schedule changes as the athletic director makes the change. Parents of CHS athletes will still receive School Messenger phone messages of last minute schedule changes.

The NEA League is also utilizing Mascot Media for school and league athletic pages.  Schedules, standings, results, and playoff brackets are readily available for the NEA league.  You can download the Mascot Media app and have all the information at your fingertips!  You can also check out these website by clicking “Athletics” at and navigating to the NEA league web site or visiting and


Anytime is a good time for parents and/or students to contact us for help.  If you think your student is struggling don’t wait until conferences to get help! Please call the school office to set up a meeting with your student’s teacher(s).

November 1st and 2nd are no school days for students.  Parents (and students) have the opportunity to meet with their student’s teachers through an open format.  Parents may pick up a copy of their student’s schedule when they arrive at school and may choose which teachers to visit.  This is a time to meet with teachers about course content, classroom expectations and individual needs of your student. Also, as a reminder, parents may access their child’s grades and attendance online using Skyward Family Access.  If you need help logging in, please call the counseling office at 509-685-2805.


Skyward’s Family Access allows parents to monitor their student’s daily attendance, current food service account information and grades online. You can also set up grade alerts and notifications that are helpful tools for parents.  Login using the same parent username and password that you used to complete your student’s Required Yearly Updates and/or register your student.  If you need assistance logging in, please call the counseling office at 509-685-2805.  Skyward offers a desktop version of their software as well as a mobile version.  The link for Skyward can be found on the website by clicking on the Skyward button. The mobile version, either Android or Apple, can be acquired by visiting your app store and searching for Skyward. 


Student insurance brochures are available in the school office.  Our district’s insurance coverage does not provide medical insurance coverage for accidents.  This means that you are responsible for the medical bills if your child gets hurt during school activities.  The school’s liability coverage will provide protection if the district is found to be negligent in some manner.  However, slip and fall or playground accidents or sustaining an injury during sports are rarely the fault of the school district.


The deadline for 2022 senior pictures is December 10, 2021. Please remember that senior pictures do not have to be professionally taken.  We prefer to receive the photos electronically.  Please send them (or have the photographer send them) to:  The pictures will be oriented vertically rather than horizontally in the yearbook, so please send pictures that fit that format.  If we receive a horizontal picture, we will need to crop the sides of the photo. 

If you are not planning to have a senior photo taken, let Mrs. Flugel (Yearbook Advisor) know by December 1, 2021 and we will take a nice picture of your student for the yearbook.  Please keep in mind that we will not be able to print out copies of these pictures.


Yearbooks will be on sale until the last day of school.  Any unsold books will be available to purchase on the day of distribution.  The cost of a yearbook is $45.00.  To get a student’s name imprinted on the cover, an additional $5.00 is charged.  However, those students who wish to have their name imprinted will need to buy their annual by February 11, 2022. The yearbooks will be distributed the last week of school.  Seniors will receive their books the day before graduation (Senior Picnic day).


All CHS students will receive picture ID cards (if they had their picture taken on September 14).  Picture retake day is October 15. Students will need these ID cards to scan into their classes for attendance, enter CHS dances, check out library books, and use their school lunch account.  Students will receive a special stamp when they purchase their ASB card ($30).  The Associated Student Body card supports student activities, as well as giving individual students reduced admission prices for the majority of CHS school functions.  This card is required of all team/club members. The fee for this card is $30.  This money goes into the ASB general budget with expenditures approved by the ASB Budget Committee and Student Council.  Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch may receive a free ASB card by completing a free/reduced lunch form as well as an information release form in the office.


Colville High School and Colville School District would like to thank the over 2000 students, staff, community members and alumni who have actively participated in changing the Colville High School mascot.  The first round was open nominations for our new mascot.  The second round was online voting open to the public. The top four finalists were then voted on by the Colville High School student body. The final mascot recommendation will be presented to the Colville School Board on September 22. After board approval we will begin the rebranding process that includes a school logo, fight song and replacing insignia on our campus.


Every Friday at CHS has been declared SPIRIT DAY. We are encouraging all students and staff to wear school colors on this day and to become involved in school activities, whether as a member of a group or as a spectator.


CHS is a closed campus EXCEPT FOR JUNIOR AND SENIOR STUDENTS DURING THE LUNCH BREAK. Students in grades 9-10 ARE NOT ALLOWED TO LEAVE FOR LUNCH. Any exception for 9th and 10th graders during lunch must be by a parent coming into the school office and personally signing their student out.

During the regular school day, students may not leave unless they have a written note from a parent stating the reason.  Reasons for leaving campus may be a dentist or doctor appointment or emergencies.  All students MUST check in and out from the CHS Main Office.  Leaving school without signing out of the Main Office is classified as truant.

School Messenger Parent Notification System

The Colville School District uses SchoolMessenger as their parent notification system.  You can set your communications choices inside the School Messenger InfoCenter parent portal.    Download the SchoolMessenger app at or from your favorite app store.

InfoCenter allows the ability to view and listen to messages from the school district as well as, add, delete and verify your contact information.  If you are associated with students in different schools, all matching records will be linked to your account.  With flexible preference controls, most kinds of communication may be configured to be accessed exclusively via InfoCenter without disrupting phones or regular email.

SchoolMessenger and the TCPA

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (47 U.S.C. 227) provides certain protections of your wishes with respect to receiving non-emergency phone calls.  While schools enjoy exemptions from some of these protections, the preference configurations within SchoolMessenger InfoCenter allow you to set your consent state (“yes” or “no”) for each phone number associated with your account.  With the exception of emergency calls, any phone set to “no” for its consent state will not receive calls or texts from SchoolMessenger.  Emergency calls are one of the exceptions.


Students need to scan into each class as they enter using their school issued ID cards, their phone, by a school issued bar code or manually enter their ID number.  CHS hopes this will allow teachers to teach from bell to bell and clear up many of the clerical errors.   This will also help CHS know where each student is at any time during the school day.  With this system, students will be marked absent until they scan in to each of their classes, period by period. If a student is late to class, they must scan in at the main office and receive a tardy slip.


On Wednesday, October 13, Colville High School will offer the PSAT for Sophomores and SAT for Seniors during the school day at no cost to students. Juniors will have the option to take the SAT in the spring.   PSAT and SAT during the school day is beneficial for students by eliminating common reasons for not taking these tests, such as:

  • Financial — The cost to the student is removed
  • Time/availability — Testing on a weekday does not interfere with work or family obligations scheduled on the weekend
  • Transportation/location — Students no longer have to worry about transportation or trying to locate the testing site
  • Comfort/Stress — Less worry about travel and cost, plus being in familiar surroundings may reduce the traditional anxiety that goes along with testing. 



School Safety is always important to the staff at Colville High School.  Any student, parent or community member that has a safety concern is encouraged to contact our school at 509-684-7800 and make us aware of the concern.  Occasionally, a person may feel uncomfortable doing so and may wish to remain anonymous when reporting a safety concern. The Colville School District subscribes to a safety alert system called SafeSchools Alert.  This is a way that a concerned student, parent or community member may report an unsafe situation or a “tip” and remain anonymous.   There are 4 easy ways to report:

  • Use the internet: and click the SafeSchools button
  • Send an email:
  • Make a call: 509-563-7193
  • Send a text:  509-563-7193

The information reported will be passed on to school officials for action.  Remember always call 911 if there is an emergency!

Throughout the year we practice a variety of emergency drills. During practice drills, we do not contact parents ahead of time, and normally we do not pre-warn students. Upcoming drills for CHS will be fire and lock down drills during different times of the day, i.e. during class, breaks, or lunch. Rest assured that for any event, other than a practice drill, the school would send out a parent notification via School Messenger. This being said, it is extremely important that you have accurate phone numbers listed for your children who attend Colville School District. If you have a cell phone and do not receive text messages from the schools, because previously you had your phone number blocked, but now you would like to receive messages, you may send a Y to 68453 to Opt In. Again, if you change phone numbers or drop your landline, please inform your school office.

Homecoming Week is October 10 through October 16. Students will be involved in decorating the
cafeteria walls, having dress-up days, and participating in lunch time competitions. The Homecoming Football game is Friday, October 15 vs Deer Park at 7pm.  Homecoming royalty will be announced PRIOR to the game.  The Homecoming Dance, for CHS students only, will be held outdoors at CHS on Saturday, October 16 from 7pm – 10pm.



ALL activities and events are subject to current state and health department guidelines at the time of the event.


Annual Notice & Opt Out

Each year the school district is required to inform parents of specific notices.  THE FOLLOWING REQUIRED NOTIFICATIONS AND FORMS MAY BE FOUND ON THE COLVILLE SCHOOL DISTRICT WEBSITE at by clicking the board docs button, click on policies and navigate to any policy you wish to review.  You may also request a hard copy of the following from any Colville school building office or the Colville School District office.


2125 – Health, Family Life and Sex Education

2145 – Suicide Prevention

3115 – Homeless Students: Enrollment Rights and Services

3124 – Removal/Release of Student During School Hours

3205 – Sexual Harassment of Students Prohibited

3207 – Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying

3210 – Nondiscrimination

3211 – Nondiscrimination and Privacy

3241 – Classroom Management, Discipline, and Corrective Action

3245 – Students and Personal Electronic Devices

3413 – Student Immunization and Life-Threatening Health Conditions

3421 – Child Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation Prevention

4220 – Complaints Concerning Staff or Programs

5011 — Sexual Harassment of District Staff Prohibited

6895 – Pesticide Notification, Posting and Record Keeping


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