Dear Parents/Guardians of 2022 Graduates:

We are in the process of planning for this year’s yearbook.  One of the most important sections is the senior picture section.   The CHS yearbook allows for a special, personal portrait to mark this important time in life.  Each senior is responsible for choosing a photo of him/herself to include.  This year’s deadline for senior pictures will be December 10th .  Yearbooks will be delivered in June.

We are informing you of this so that if you are having pictures taken through a professional photographer, you can schedule this as soon as possible. Please remember that the senior pictures do not have to be professionally taken. If you are able to send the picture digitally, that is the best method for us, and this can be done through our email address:  Many professional photographers will directly send us the pictures if you give them this information.  We can also accept pictures turned in on a CD/thumb drive.  If you can, please choose a vertical photo.  If you send us a horizontal image, we will have to crop it to fit into the space.

If you are not planning on having a senior picture taken, there are other options.  Students can use the pictures taken at school for ID cards.  We get this picture directly, so there is nothing that you need to do.  If you would like an alternative picture, but need help with this, please let me know by December 1st, and we will be happy to take a picture of your student for the yearbook.  Please keep in mind, though, that we will not be able to print out copies of these pictures; however, we will be happy to send you a photo digitally.

Also included with this letter is information about Senior Recognition Ads.  Once again, we will be offering the opportunity for you to express congratulations to your graduate.  Please take a moment to read this information.  This form will also be posted to the school website.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 684-7800 or .

Thank you,

Brandi Flugel

Yearbook Advisor

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