Welcome to Colville High School!!! The entire staff at CHS is looking forward to having you join our “family” this fall and participate in what the ASB leaders and the CHS staff anticipate to be an exceptional year full of activities for everyone.

I look forward to meeting you on MONDAY, AUGUST 30, the first day of school for Freshmen. I am very enthusiastic about providing every student the best environment to achieve success and become a life-long learner. I believe education requires a shared, active commitment of students, parents, staff and community. The entire staff at CHS is anxious to begin this journey with you and to continue to work towards this ongoing school-wide goal.

The first day of school for freshmen will be MONDAY, AUGUST 30. This day will replace “freshmen orientation”. On MONDAY, AUGUST 30, Freshmen students will receive their schedule, go to each of their classes, receive their lockers and will be involved in a variety of activities throughout the day. The purpose of this special first day for freshmen is to prepare students for a successful start at CHS and to increase their sense of belonging. Freshman schedules will not be available prior to August 30. Freshmen students should arrive by 8:00AM and will be dismissed at 2:45PM. There will NO be school bus service for this first day. However, school lunch will be provided.

Staff and student leaders will be available to answer any questions you may have to ensure you have an easy transition to high school and everyone feels comfortable.

TIME: 8:00PM – 2:45PM
(No bus service this day)

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