Auditorium Technical Provisions


Auditorium Pics 027         Auditorium Pics 030


Colville High School Auditorium Basic Tech Provisions



House Sound System (speaker coverage throughout auditorium)

4- Microphones (Shure SM58 Dynamic Cardioid) w/cables

1- Wireless Handheld Microphone

1- Wireless Lapel Microphone

4- Microphone Boom Stands

2- Stage Monitor Speakers (1 Mix) w/cables

2- Direct Boxes w/XLR cables

Ability to Play Audio from CD’s + Ipods (from sound booth


Stage Lighting

Full Amber Flood (100%, 75%, 50%, 25%)

Full Blue (fairly dark on stage)

Full Red

2- Positioned Spots or Gobos w/gel (cannot be moved during show, and must be arranged ahead of time)

House Lights + Work Lights



Main (Down) Traveler

Mid-Stage Traveler

Up-Stage Traveler

Various Legs
Upstage White Scrim Curtain (must be pre-approved for use, fee applies)


1- Modern Podium

1- Classic Podium

American & Washington Flags

6- Choral Risers (3 tiered)

7 ft. Kawai Grand Piano (must be pre-approved for use, fee applies)

Upright Rehearsal Piano

2- Extension Cords w/plug-in strips

10- Black Chairs

10- Music Stands

1- Projector  + Screen w/hookups for a laptop (audio can be send to house sound system from laptop if requested in advance)


When you use our facility, our Production Tech crew will provide support for your event.  Our team is trained on all of the above sound, lighting, curtain and staging equipment.