Facility Rental


Rental Procedure

To request auditorium usage, click on the link below:
Facility Use Request Form

Rental Rates

Standard Rate - $35 per hour

- This rate will apply for most events in our auditorium.

Reduced Rate - $25 per hour

- This rate will apply for non-profit or fundraising events.

** - hourly charges apply for the entire time the facility will be used, including: rehearsals, performances, setup, and cleanup.

Tech Support Rates

Auditorium Manager Rate - $30 per hour

Student Support Rate - $10 per hour

** - Based on the complexity of your event needs, a recommendation will be given to you concerning technical support. If you plan to use any sound system, lighting system or staging equipment, a CHS trained technician MUST be hired for your event. Some events may require more than one technician.

Scrim and Grand Piano Fees

Upstage White Scrim Curtain - $30

- If you request the use of the upstage white scrim curtain, an additional fee of $30 will be applied to your event. The main downstage traveler and all other black curtains may be used at no-charge.

Grand Piano Use - $30

- If you request the use or our 7ft. Kawai Grand Piano, an additional fee of $30 will be applied to your event. This piano is tuned and serviced regularly. There is an upright rehearsal piano that can be used at no-charge.

Upon completion of the Auditorium
Facility Use Request online form, you will be contacted by the auditorium manager concerning your event. A quote will be given along with tech support recommendations at that time. Your requested dates and times for your event are subject to both our auditorium and school calendars.

Contact Information

Brian Estelle - CHS Auditorium Manager

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(509) 684-7812

*** - For all other CHS Facility Requests (ex. cafeteria, gymnasium, etc...), please contact the Colville High School main office at: (509) 684-7800